This site deals with apocalyptic scenarios. Not surprisingly, many of the stories here contain adult themes and happiness is likely to be in short supply. Please do not read these stories if you are under age. Thank you.

Fiction is listed by title

** Standalone Stories **

Broken Things - by Ares
- Buffy and Angel doing their best in a world gone to ruin.

Collateral Damage - by Ares
- Buffy and Angel pick up the pieces after the apocalypse.

Crap Shoot - by Margot Le Faye
- Futuristic story about Buffy and Angel.

Dead End - by Dark Star
- Dangerous Times

Desperado - by Ares
- No fairytale ending: the world is harsh and cruel and post apocalyptic.

Fade Out - by Dark Star
- It's always about the blood.

Falling - by Dark Star
- The world is falling apart and she thinks she is falling with it.

Fruit Basket - by Jo
- Why wasn't Buffy there to help Angel with the Apocalypse? And did Angel survive?

Incoming - by Zuriel
- Submission for the Four Horsemen at Writer's Toybox

Just Another Apocalypse - by Jo
- Submission for the Four Horsemen at Writer's Toybox

Love Lies Bleeding - by Dark Star
- Five years after the End of Days, those who are left try to get by as best they can...

Mass Destruction - by Jo
- Apocalypses come in all sorts, with all sorts of consequences. Some of them might even be real.

Once Upon a Time - by Ares (Outside Link)
- Buffy goes looking for monsters and comes across one she hadn’t expected.

One Last Day - by Dralf
- It's the last day of the world and Buffy's alone.

Out of Time - by Dark Star
- Who knows what the future holds?

Shades of Grey - by Dark Star
- There is no colour anywhere.

The Four Horsemen - by Ares
- The title says it all.

The Hunter - by Ares
- Time out from the end of the world.

The Last Cold Star - by Margot Le Faye
- What if Angel really were immortal? Far future fic.

The Sin Eater - by Lamia Archer
- What’s that mean, “star-crossed?”

Those We Wish Were Here with Us - by Kairos
- Submission for the Four Horsemen at Writer's Toybox

Thursday's Child - by Dark Star
- They have far to go.

Tomorrow's Ghosts - by Jo
- Why does Angel always have to be Fate’s bitch?

Unravelled - by Dark Star
- All things come to those who wait.

We Might Not Make It Home Tonight - by Dralf
- During Ragnarok, an apocalypse unlike any other, the two champions take a brief break.

** Series **

What We Do
~ Written by Ares

1. What We Do
- There are few rewards in this new reality.

2. Nothing Matters
- Twelve months on and the slayer and her vampire are still battling the demon hordes.

3. Everything We Do Matters
- Post NFA. Buffy and Angel are still fighting the good fight, and it looks like the end is in sight.